The Painted Forest / La Selva Pintada

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The LASTJOURNEY: our colonisation of the last continent on Earth

El Abra rockshelter: key to understand the peopling of the Bogota plateau

Discovery: Team searches for new sites in the Amazon forest

La Lindosa rock art: earliest artistic depictions of Ice Age megafauna?

Stone tool technology: clues to ancient migrations


South America was the last habitable continent to be colonised by humans: the last journey.

How did the early settlers adapt to this terra incognita and how did they shape the continent’s rich cultural and environmental diversity?



Methods and discipline about Archaeology, Archaeobotany, Paleoclimate.


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La Selva Pintada

La Selva Pintada

The preliminary program is now available for the "Selva Pintada/Painted Forest" symposium. Details from the ICAHN website are included below. Click...

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